Don’t jump into designing solutions. First establish an understanding of the customer problem, what our focus will be to address their problem, and what we’ll measure to track success.

During this phase, we bring the team together to establish the customer problem. We uncover and confirm customer needs, business objectives, and define KPIs. We “plan the plan”.


  • Identify problem / opportunity
  • Validate and assess the impact. Go / no-go?
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Collaborative kickoff meeting
  • Research business and user needs
  • Define KPIs and configure analytics tracking
  • Align on process for the Sprint
  • Determine measures of success
  • Review current experience and competitive landscape
  • Competitive landscape and evaluation, including best practices
  • Gather data & customer insights
  • Map end-to-end experience; highlight key pain points
  • Research technical feasibility and impacts


  • Product Canvas
  • Prioritized user and business needs
  • Prioritized user stories
  • E2E Experience Maps, Journey Maps
  • Preliminary Sketches
  • Estimate time required to deploy
  • KPIs and approach to measuring success
  • Understanding of technical impacts
  • Sprint plan agreed upon by cross functional team – time estimates, collaborative sketching, validation planning, acceptance criteria
  • Decision to proceed to Concept phase